💐Mother’s Day post💐 

  (TW: Food).  Today, my sister and I had our wonderful mother and grandmother round for mother's day breakfast. My grandpa was there too, and it was so good to share a meal with the family! Today I am feeling a huge amount of appreciation for all the women in my life, who have nourished … Continue reading 💐Mother’s Day post💐 


🌿Confessions of a Bad Vegan🌿 

TW: Food/mentions of disordered eating.  It's been a running joke with a few of my friends that I am what you would call a 'bad vegan'. I'm not always strict with my diet, but I do try to adhere to a vegan lifestyle. I am not going to put forward the reasons for going vegan, … Continue reading 🌿Confessions of a Bad Vegan🌿