💪 Yoga Update 💪

I am (just about) keeping up with the 30 day yoga challenge but I've decided to post a review at the end instead of updating every day (for a couple of reasons). Firstly, I as I've mentioned, I also challenged myself to a post a day. Although I'm enjoying writing about yoga every day, it's … Continue reading 💪 Yoga Update 💪


30 day yoga challenge: Days 2 and 3

I only just managed to complete days 2 and 3 of the challenge as essay stress was getting to me! I found them a little harder than Day 1 but I think that's partly because I wasn't feeling 100%.  Day 2 - Day 2 was really about stretching. The focus seemed to be on extending your … Continue reading 30 day yoga challenge: Days 2 and 3