🌿Confessions of a Bad Vegan🌿 

TW: Food/mentions of disordered eating.  It's been a running joke with a few of my friends that I am what you would call a 'bad vegan'. I'm not always strict with my diet, but I do try to adhere to a vegan lifestyle. I am not going to put forward the reasons for going vegan, … Continue reading 🌿Confessions of a Bad Vegan🌿 


🍃On Confidence🍃 

When it comes to writing, what I struggle with the most is confidence. After studying English literature at university, I should recognise the strengths in my writing, but fear of rejection has often held me back. I think that this is a struggle for most writers, particularly those who are creatively inclined. To put something … Continue reading 🍃On Confidence🍃 

🏡3 days in an eco-home in Pembrokeshire🏡 

Recently, my good friend Lydia arranged a trip to Pembrokeshire, where we stayed in an eco-home  for three days. We decided to collaborate and write a little review of our trip. Staying in an eco-home was something really different, and reminded us to be conscious of the environment while enjoying some time off-grid... The house itself … Continue reading 🏡3 days in an eco-home in Pembrokeshire🏡 

🛍Commodity Feminism and Fast Fashion: A Response🛍 

After reading a post by my good friend about 'Commodity Feminism and Fast Fashion', I thought I would write about my experiences with fast fashion and the steps I am taking towards ethical buying and ending my fast fashion addiction. Although I don't always stay on trend, I have often found myself drawn into commercial … Continue reading 🛍Commodity Feminism and Fast Fashion: A Response🛍 

🌿Back to Nature🌿 

In my previous post I was raving about my natural skin care routine for eczema, but this also inspired me to go natural with all of my day-to-day products.  As many of my friends will know, I have been a fan of cruelty-free living for years. However, after experiencing trouble with my skin, I have found … Continue reading 🌿Back to Nature🌿 

🌿Going Natural w/ Eczema🌿

After having a lot of trouble with eczema, I thought I would post a little bit about my experience. I have been to the doctors and dermatologist several times for my eczema, which takes the form of pompholyx blisters on my hands. However, the remedies I have found most useful in managing this condition have been far … Continue reading 🌿Going Natural w/ Eczema🌿