📝A Post a Day📝 

I've decided to challenge my self to write at least one blog post a day (for the foreseeable future). I've had this space on WordPress for years and decided that I should make better use of it.  I've been on a bit of a roll with writing lately, but I want to challenge myself  in … Continue reading đź“ťA Post a Day📝 


⭕Hooping Revelations⭕ 

Revelation: Hoop yoga! This is just a quick post to update anyone who is interested in my latest hooping endeavour! I had a look on YouTube to see what I could do with my larger beginner's hoop (now that I have downsized to a smaller polypro) and the answer is yoga! It's supposed to be … Continue reading â­•Hooping Revelations⭕ 

⭕Hopeful Hooping⭕ 

So, I'm one of those 'I've never been sporty' kind of people. I occasionally enjoy a long walk or a new-years-resolution-induced stint at the gym, but I've never really stuck at a sport. I went to ballet as a child, but my Mum and grandparents eventually found themselves dragging me to classes until finally, I … Continue reading â­•Hopeful Hooping⭕