Good Morning! 

I haven’t posted in a while, I guess this is due to a combination of writer’s block and the surreal feeling of having finally finished my degree! I had been looking forward to all the free time that I now have so much that I have no idea how to fill it; I feel so lost without a plan! 

So, I’ve decided to become more proactive about how I spend my free time and actually write a list of things I want to achieve! I’ve also decided to dedicate a chunk of my new found freedom to self-care. I am all about making time for myself, and seeing as I have plenty of it at the moment, I want to give some extra time to me. 

I recently put a post-it by my mirror which says ‘hey beautiful people’. It’s a small reminder to my self that, in general, people are beautiful. There is a lot we all want to work on and a lot of crappy things the world will throw at us, but remembering to see the good in people has always kept me a little closer to happiness. Of course, I am not saying to ignore the bad, but just to remember that the good is there somewhere. 

On the topic of good people, I spoke to a friend yesterday about the fact that I am pretty proud of the way I’ve been looking after myself lately and that I have learnt so much about self-care. I’m sure some people’s immediate reaction will be along the lines of ‘eugh, getting up in the morning is hardly an achievement,’ but when anxiety has chained you to your bed so many other mornings, it kind of is…

Something I mentioned to my friend is a list of rules I made that I have to stick to each morning (I’ll post it below), they may seem like relatively normal and easy things to do each day, but they are also some of the things that can be so easily forgotten (especially when you’re having a bad day, or just a day, or whatever):

  1. Get up (in the morning – I know this isn’t possible for everyone but getting up reasonably early in the day has made me feel a hell of a lot better) 
  2. Shower 
  3. Clean teeth
  4. Make bed
  5. Fold PJ’s and hang towel 
  6. Drink water 

There are also a lot of things I want to add to this list like a little morning yoga, trying to get some writing in and always having a good breakfast etc. But I have found it helps to have a hard and fast list that I know I can stick to each day. Of course, we all have our own strengths and struggles, so you can always add more to your morning routine/list. If you are looking at my list thinking, ‘I already do all this stuff, it isn’t hard’ then I am sincerely glad you have the hang of it.* But for those who struggle to keep on top of personal hygiene, sleeping patterns and the like (for whatever reason), I hope this list helps you to remember that setting small goals and giving yourself little nudges and reminders about self-care can really help towards your overall sense of wellbeing. ☺ 

*apologies if this is poorly written and comes across as patronising but I do mean it! If you’re already on top of this list then add as much as you can to your morning. In my eyes it is the most precious time of day – waking up with nobody around gives me the chance to think about just myself. This might feel a little unnatural and kind of selfish especially if you are a caring altruistic person, but you can also use it as time to think about your impact on the world around you and your relationships with others!


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