Like most of us, I just get enough of travelling. SO I’ve promised myself to write a few more trip reviews online. Here is a link to my first travel review (3 Days in an Eco-Home, co-written with my friend over at, and keep an eye out for more!

I am lucky to have been off gallivanting plenty of times before, but a recent trip to Nürburg was my first proper road-trip. The reason we chose to travel by car was simple: we were of to the nürburgring racetrack. As those who know me could guess, super-cars and speed are not exactly my forte. I always have my head in a book, and definitely over-romanticise (a lot). Most would agree I am more of a fairy-tale than fast car kind of girl. I travelled with my boyfriend, who is a bit of an adrenaline-junkie with driving, so he was itching to get on the track. But, to me, the trip to the racetrack was not just about fast cars…

(Stand-out orange Mclaren)

The surrounding area was stunning. There were plenty of natural sights, and seemingly infinite castles to explore. My favourite of these had to be Cochem Castle, which really looked like something out of a fairy-tale. Luckily for me, the racetrack was only open in the evenings, so we had the majority of the day to explore the surrounding German countryside. We visited vineyards, went wine-tasting, walked through the forests, and even took a chair-lift up a mountain!

(Cochem castle in the sunshine)

Of course, I ended up being persuaded to go round the track as a passenger, and I have to admit it was a thrilling experience. Yet I still couldn’t help myself gazing out of the window at the looming trees which lined the edge of the racetrack. Even at top speeds of 120mph, my mind wanted nothing more than a slow meander through the forest.

(Beautiful bluebells and heather)

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