TW: Food/mentions of disordered eating. 

It’s been a running joke with a few of my friends that I am what you would call a ‘bad vegan’. I’m not always strict with my diet, but I do try to adhere to a vegan lifestyle. I am not going to put forward the reasons for going vegan, of course I have my own, but the information is out there if people are interested.

Vegans are often acused of being ‘preachy,’  and though I am vegan myself, I have to say that I agree. In my mind, perpetually explaining veganism to other people is uncomfortable – not educational. 

People may be ‘ignorant’, they may not know all the facts about the food industry –  but people are not stupid. If someone wants to learn about food they will ask, they will research and they will learn on their own. Of course I belive that we should open up discussions about food, but a discussion consists of more than just ‘right and wrong’. Food is a complex issue, and above that it is a sensitive one. When it comes down to it, statements like ‘everyone should be vegan’ are exclusive and inconsiderate. 

(Yummy vegan food)

The protests I have heard of are sold as peaceful, but to my mind they are aggressive and invasive. It is not our job to bombard others with graphic images of the food industry; it is not our place to disrupt and damage others’ relationships with food. 

The truth is that many people are not in the position to even consider veganism. I won’t comprise a detailed list. But think about those with eating disorders, or those who don’t know where their next meal is coming from. What gives you the right to tell them, or anyone, what they should eat? 

The bottom line is that we need to promote positive relationships with food – not guilt tripping and shaming. I believe that nobody deserves to be harrassed for what they eat. Just because you are in the privileged position of not having to worry about food doesn’t mean that you should enforce your diet, ethics, or lifestyle choice upon anyone else. 

I advocate veganism as a choice; if anyone is interested in trying any of my recipes – I’ll recommend them; I post plenty of vegan food pics on Instagram and, when people ask, I will tell them my reasons for going vegan. But please remember that any diet, any lifestyle, is always a personal choice. 

So my only words of advice when it comes to your diet: eat what makes you happy, and above all look after your selves! 🍲 ♥ 


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