I am (just about) keeping up with the 30 day yoga challenge but I’ve decided to post a review at the end instead of updating every day (for a couple of reasons).

Firstly, I as I’ve mentioned, I also challenged myself to a post a day. Although I’m enjoying writing about yoga every day, it’s not giving me enough time to write about all the other cool stuff I have to talk about (yes, I have cool stuff to say!)

Secondly, I’ve decided I want to be a little more thoughtful about what I post rather than just writing things up quickly as I go along. The idea of a post a day was to improve my writing so I want to continue on that path.

Finally, I am really just enjoying yoga as some meditative time, so I don’t want to be stressing about whether I’ve updated my blog afterwards! I’m going to make it into some me time, and share how I get on in the end.

Here’s hoping I get to the end of the challenge! 💪 ♥


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