Meant to post this earlier but got caught up in uni work…

I have just completed Day 1 of the 30-day yoga challenge from Yoga with Adriene. This is very much a beginner’s tutorial and as the title suggests it is a very gentle way to ‘ease into it’.

To me, this tutorial is about opening up the muscles and becoming aware of your movements as preparation for the rest of the challenge. Some of the phrases she uses during the video can be a little distracting, but overall the tutorial is helpful. The tutorial really encourages you to be conscious of your body, your breathing and your intentions, helping to establish your own personal commitment to the challenge. After completing Day 1 I am already feeling more motivated and looking forward to practising tomorrow.

I found this tutorial much easier than the yoga for climbers tutorial and the hoop yoga that I have been practising, but as I have 30-days to develop I think it will be worth starting slowly and having some patience. I recommend this tutorial to anyone who, like me, is just starting out with yoga or if you want to find a way to encourage yourself to commit to daily practice.


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