Recently, my good friend Lydia arranged a trip to Pembrokeshire, where we stayed in an eco-home  for three days. We decided to collaborate and write a little review of our trip. Staying in an eco-home was something really different, and reminded us to be conscious of the environment while enjoying some time off-grid…

The house itself was beautiful; a perfect example of an innovative and sustainable way of living. From the outside, it looked like something out of a fairytale. The entire structure is built out of straw bales; there is no need for a timber frame. Not only is the house designed to run economically, it is built using resources that are gentle on the environment. Rachel, the owner of the house, has made a beautiful scrapbook detailing the house’s life right from the beginning, with loads of photos and newspaper clippings. The process of building it seemed to have been a big community affair, which really fits into the atmosphere of the place.

On entering the house, we were greeted by a peaceful and tranquil environment. There were two upper floors, which were set up as a communal sleeping area. On the ground floor, was the kitchen/living area, and bathroom. The hot water was powered by a wood burning fire, which also heated the house. Most of our time inside was spent sitting around the fire reading, playing board games and chatting. There were also 3 resident cats, all of which were wonderful company during our stay.

The surroundings are also idyllic. Immediately outside the house is a small wooded area, and an adjacent eco house where the owner stayed while we were visiting. It was around a thirty minute walk to the nearest beach, Poppit Sands, and there are plenty of cliff-side walks. We embarked on a 4 hour hike one of the days, and were lucky to catch a glimpse of a group of seals on their own private beach below the cliffs.

Living ‘off-grid’ was much easier than I expected. The owner of the house had emailed me numerous times explaining that the most important thing was to keep track of the electricity usage, so I was expecting to be a bit stressed about what we were using. The owners suggested to not go under 75% on the electricity monitor, and we didn’t once go under 99%, and that was with 8 of us using the lights and charging our phones. For me, it just went to show that being resourceful doesn’t need to mean giving up our 21st century luxuries like phones and speakers, it just means being conscious about how much is really necessary.

Like us, when booking your next holiday or weekend break, perhaps consider something a little more out of the ordinary. You just might find a perfect little hideaway to teach you more about sustainable living, and meet some kittens along the way! 


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