After reading a post by my good friend about ‘Commodity Feminism and Fast Fashion‘, I thought I would write about my experiences with fast fashion and the steps I am taking towards ethical buying and ending my fast fashion addiction.

Although I don’t always stay on trend, I have often found myself drawn into commercial fashion, trying to keep up with the latest look. Historically, clothes have been a great expression of individuality; fashion is a medium through which you can demonstrate your beliefs.

But what happens when your clothes are always changing? 

Fast-fashion diminishes the impact of the ‘statement’ that an individual is trying to make. The Mods, Rockers, Skinheads and Punks did not change their look every season. Their now-iconic styles all stood for something; they were trying to create a lasting impression.

The solution: wear only what you need, unless it means something to you. Of course, clothes have a practical function too, but what is the point in having new ones each season? Until recently, my wardrobe was full of unloved and unworn clothes. Obviously I liked them when I bought them, but the novelty had worn off.

I may write a follow up installment on how I minimalised my wardrobe (it was quite an undertaking), but the main thing I learnt was that the clothes worth holding on to were the ones that meant something to me. The questions to ask yourself about each item are simple: Do I wear this often enough? Does it provide a practical function? Is there another reason why I’ve kept it; does it mean something?  

When it comes to fashion, less really is more. A select and durable wardrobe can make a lasting impression. My advice would be to stick with your clothes as long as possible – after all they are a part of you. When you really do need something new, it is cheaper and more sustainable to opt for second hand. This also allows you to find unique pieces that are not in every highstreet shop.

Of course, fashion can be very personal and this post may not resonate with you, but if you are looking to reduce your spending and clear out some wardrobe space, then perhaps some of my ideas might work for you! ♥ 👟


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