I decided to create a list of cruelty-free brands!

Disclaimer: This is my cruelty-free list – it is not designed to be a comprehensive list of all cruelty-free products. These are just products that I have tried and liked. Also keep in mind that some brands may be cruelty-free while their parent companies are not!

To find out if a brand is cruelty-free, check that both the brand and the company that owns them are leaping bunny (BUAV) certifiedLeaping-Bunny-logo-small, 100% vegan  and /or PETA approvedpeta-logo-small.

Here goes…

  1. B. Leaping-Bunny-logo-small – Owned by Superdrug this is a 100% cruelty-free brand. The products are a little more expensive than Superdrug’s own brand items but the quality is also much better. However, ‘B.’ is still not over-priced and I end up buying most of my make-up and toiletries from this brand as they often have sales and are consistent in quality.
  2. Barry M – This brand is not BUAV certified hence it does not have the leaping bunny logo. However, their website states that they do not test on animals and support Humane Society International‘s global Be Cruelty-Free campaign. (Read more on the Barry M website). I continue to buy this brand and find that it is better for certain products, particularly lipstick, as it offers a more diverse range of colours.
  3. The co-op own brand Leaping-Bunny-logo-small – A safe ‘go-to’ brand for me. Many hold the co-op in high regard for its fair-trade and ethical policies, and I recently found out that both its toiletry products and household cleaning products are also cruelty-free. As far as I am aware the brand does not produce make-up but the products which I do use are good quality and very affordable. Particular favourites include their face-wipes and ‘Lavender Crush’ laundry sachets, as well as their ecological washing-up liquid. Another large supermarket to consider is Sainsbury’s own brand who’s beauty products (and ingredients) are cruelty-free, however, their household and cleaning products are not guaranteed to be. For more information go to the ADI website.
  4. Superdrug own brand Leaping-Bunny-logo-small– My favourite brand for day-to-day products such as nail varnish remover and make-up wipes. It seems that they have discontinued their make-up range and moved this across to the ‘B.’ brand, but for toiletries such as deodorants and dry shampoo that not available from ‘B.’, super-drug are the best option! Their products are affordable and of good quality as well as being fully leaping bunny certified.
  5. LUSH cosmetics Leaping-Bunny-logo-small (80% of LUSH products are also vegan, see LUSH FAQ’s) – LUSH are my favourite cruelty-free brand for several reasons. Firstly, their products are indulgent but also prove value for money as they last for a long time and produce good results. Secondly, the stores allow you to experience many of the products before you purchase them, providing testers and free samples in store with helpful advisers who even offer hair and make-up consultations. Furthermore, the brand is one of the most ethical I know: they even dedicate profits from certain products to charity regularly. You can read more on the LUSH website, there is lots on there, so here is a good place to start.

    Also on the list:

  6. Manic Panic Leaping-Bunny-logo-small
  7. 7th Heaven Leaping-Bunny-logo-small
My Bathroom Shelf
My Bathroom Shelf (11/11/15)

OFF the List:

The Body Shop Leaping-Bunny-logo-small – I no longer use this brand as it has changed ownership. Keep in mind that The Body Shop is now owned by L’Oreal, which itself is not cruelty-free. The brand itself is BUAV approved, but their profits contribute to L’Oreal who participate in animal testing.
THE BODY SHOP UPDATE! Just going to leave this here: http://naturewatch.org/campaign/the-body-shop-boycott

(Last updated 11/11/2015)


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